IFS Trondheim – A road trip with Energie Oslo

AV: Stein Wilmann (IFS-blogger)

Stein Marius Wilmann: IFS` Oslo blogger

Given the exceptionally long break between IFS Oslo tournaments this February / March Energie Oslo decided to take a road trip to Trondheim and participate in the IFS tournament there during the first weekend of March.

From the get go it was clear that this was more of a recreational trip and social event than it was a quest for the IFS Trondheim title (although certain figures in IFS Trondheim had a different impression). As a part of the original team, we brought with us 3 regulars and an injured forward as a goalkeeper; luckily we had some locals who stepped in which made the tournament an enjoyable one. Energie Oslo extends its gratitude to Richard Wilmann, Christian Wilmann and Eirik Lyngvær.

Our means of travel was by train going to Trondheim and the return trip to Oslo by bus. Our accommodation of choice (no pun intended) was the Choice Comfort Hotel Trondheim which is located right in the middle of downtown Trondheim. The hotel offered reasonable prices, excellent rooms and an enticing breakfast buffet (click here for the discount code for IFS-players).

Between match-days the team got to enjoy Premier League games at the “Three Lions” pub and did brief amount of sightseeing. We also became intimately familiar with Line 46 from Munkegata Southbound to Tiller ;D.

Locating the arena itself was easier said than done for out of towners; first after you had made it through and industrial area, down a highly questionable road which I am reluctant to even call a road there was this hall down by the river which resembled an army warehouse more than a sports venue from the outside. The inside however was a whole other story, and the playing surface was excellent. There was even a balcony from where one could enjoy a nice bird’s eye perspective of the games.

In regards to the tournament proceedings itself, we stumbled upon some differences in the rule-set used by IFS Oslo and IFS Trondheim, however these were sorted out and play continued. While the tournament had an unfortunate end for Energie Oslo in the ¼ finals against Fotvoll, there were also some pleasant highlights; I would like to commend the team, or should I say group of friends named “Helt på Vidda” who played an excellent tournament. After having a rather long conversation with their players, I was informed that this was a group of hikers that had planned a social outing in Trondheim this weekend on Saturday evening and decided that they wanted to try Futsal for the first time as it coincided nicely with their stay. I guess it’s never too late given the average on the team hovering around 40+. The team not only made it through to the playoffs, but also won their 1/8 final match convincingly and delivered a respectable performance in the ¼ final against Serie A who eventually won the tournament.

All in all, the trip was enjoyable (apart from the grueling 7 hour travel back and forth between Oslo and Trondheim) and I can recommend travelling to other IFS events for teams that might be interested in doing so but have not already.

Lastly, I would like to point out that Energie Oslo’s matches were recorded (with the exception of the last one as our camera man had to catch an earlier train home) for the teams interested in watching themselves on tape. These can be found on Energie Oslo’s YouTube page (and below).


See also futsal videos on IFS` official YouTube channel

With those last words, I would like to thank IFS Trondheim for having us, and we look forward to the next IFS Oslo event in March. See you all there.


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